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Did you know? 🤔
Probiotics, microorganisms help regulate your digestive system and support your immune system. 😍
✨Not every probiotic is the same. No probiotic will have the same benefits as Atomy Probiotics.
So what’s the difference between Prebiotics and Probiotics? 🧐
Prebiotics are nutrients for beneficial microbes that positively affect the gut environment for overall health benefit. 💙
Probiotics are friendly, beneficial bacteria, and prebiotics are a type of food to feed the beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics affect the composition and activity of our gut microbiota and benefit our health. ✨
In our previous post, we explained that bowel movements are supported by Psyllium Husk. Using these two supplements together can help you achieve better results for your gut health. 🥰💙
Atomy Probiotics 🔎


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